Don Slepian - Sea of Bliss


  1. Any chance you have the ultra rare Don Slepian Open Spaces you can upload? This was prior to Sea of Bliss.

    1. Nope don't have that one, Reflections is the only other cassette I have by Mr. Slepian

    2. Don Slepian here, and yes, I have "Open Spaces" along with many other releases. You can find the current catalog at DonSlepianMusic.com . You can contact me directly - Don.Slepian@gmail.com

  2. Yeah Don. Why isnt Open Spaces available on your site, I Tunes or anywhere in its entirety? We listeners would love to support you but you need to get the older releases at least available to us.....

  3. Don, I just wanted to let you know how cool it is that you commented here simply helpfully pointing us to some pertinent information on your web site! I wish more artists would engage their fans via the music blog community. Let's face it, the people who go to fairly obscure music blogs like this one are also exactly the same people who support the non-top-40 music industry today! I never would have learned about Sea of Bliss without SoundsoftheDawn, and now it's my #1 go-to concentration/relaxation album - I even introduce it to my high school students and encourage them to play it on their phones if they want to concentrate while working!

    And I'm also going to buy your album from

    once I'm no longer on a work computer!

    However, I agree with the two anonymous posters - I don't see Open Spaces on your web site...